Monday, February 15, 2010

Bazaar upgrade

All of our main branches (trunk and 5.0) have been upgraded to Bazaar's last and more efficient format.

You will need Bazaar version 2.0 or more recent to be able to fully interact with those upgraded branches. You can check your Bazaar version by issuing bzr --version in a shell.

Here is how to upgrade if you need to:
  • You will find the instructions to install Bazaar 2 for your platform on Bazaar download page.
  • Make a backup of the branches you need to upgrade.
  • Upgrade the relevant branches with this command: bzr upgrade --2a


  1. Hi

    Before bzr upgrade, a check must be done with bzr check


  2. In fact, Bazaar Upgrade guide recommends to first issue a bzr check before running the upgrade.

    Thanks Christophe.