Friday, January 29, 2010

Community Team

Hello everybody,

My name is Julien Thewys and I have just been working on the new communication process here at Tiny. Olivier Dony and I set up a new team that will focus on the community and its ever evolving challenges. The responsibility of this team is to be the link between Tiny and the community. We are very excited to share with you what has been keeping us busy!
  • We are defining clearer points of contact for the community. We already agreed on the following ones:
    • The Quality Team is responsible of merging contributions and managing releases. This team will be ready starting from 8 February; we will let you know how to contact them.
    • The Community Team is in charge of mediating in the community and enhancing processes. We are talking to you right now! Please join us on the community mailing list.
  • The overhaul of the communication process is ongoing. We just opened two dedicated Twitter accounts: one for OpenERP, one for OpenObject. Also, our website will experience an appropriate redesign to accommodate the community needs.
  • We are planning community meetings more frequently. Just to remind you, the next on-site community meeting is held on 23 and 24 March, while the next IRC meeting is planned for the 12th February. The list of topics to be discussed has already been added to the wiki (this list is still open).
  • Bugs and wishlists have been followed with a particular attention recently: we are addressing more than 85% of them and we are determined to do even better very soon.
  • We have been concentrating on enhancing the documentation: we are currently tuning the Technical Memo (here is a draft, your suggestions are welcome) and there is an e-learning resource site in preparation.
Of course, we are always open to suggestions. Feel free to let us know what is on your mind and how you envision an even brighter OpenERP community. Many thanks to Raphaƫl Valyi for his great article in this regard.

Stay tuned, we have lots of cool stuffs for the forthcoming weeks.

Note: We would appreciate if you could help us making a survey about the communication. Can you provide some concise and relevant questions? (for example: what are the preferred channels of communication: mailing list, blog, twitter, irc,...?) Thanks to all!


  1. Hi Julien & Oliver,
    Happy to see things happening... could you please share an editable version of the Technical Memo?? we could probably use this as a cheatsheet and expand further into a detailed technical documentation project like what the django folks have

  2. good luck for Open ERP's new community task force!

  3. @SharoonThomas: We cannot share an editable version since the memo is intended to be printed (we have agreements with our publishers). Fortunately, Olivier just updated the memo and added a cheatsheet layout.

    @openBIG: Thanks!